Friday 16th October 2020

Showing Gratitude to Others

This Sunday’s Gospel reminds us how we can live happier lives by giving God what is due to him - our gratitude! Being grateful to God puts us in the right frame of mind. It is good for our well-being and helps us to be happy in life. Saying ‘thank you’ to God (at anytime throughout the day) is a great way for us to show our gratitude. It is good for us to be grateful to God for the blessings of his love, for our lives, our talents, our families, our school and for the love of those around us. This Sunday is also World Mission Sunday. Let’s show our gratitude to God by helping those in poorer countries. For further information please visit the Mission Togther website:


Autumn Term Parent Consultation

Due to the current Coronavirus restrictions in place, there will not be a face-to-face Parents' Meeting this term.  Instead, a report card will be created by teachers and then sent home to parents  (electronically) on Friday 23rd October.  This will provide parents with a synopsis on how their child has settled back into school life at St. Joseph's and what learning priorities are in place for the coming academic year.  A letter explaining the content of the report will be set home to parents this coming Monday.  

Project Gambia Shoe Box Appeal

Built on the edge of a rubbish dump, Kotusilo is a poor village without running water or electricity. The villagers live in overcrowded, basic and unsafe conditions: many of the houses are made from mud and it is not uncommon for them to fall down during the rainy season. When visiting Kotusilo, adults and children can be seen on the rubbish dump, often with bare feet, scavenging for anything they can reuse or sell. For the children who live here Christmas day will be like every other day; very little food and no presents. In November, Project Gambia will be shipping  ‘Christmas Shoeboxes’ to  children who live in Kotusilo and children who attend the schools at Half Dye, Hanne Vibe and Spring of Life. Please help us to do this by filling up a shoe box and returning to school on Friday 23rd October.  A flyer has been sent out with the list of items to place in the box.  Thank you for your generosity.

Dudley for The Love of Scrubs

For the Love of Scrubs are a local community group. During the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, they provided local schools, including St. Joseph's,  with heart pairs, isolation gowns or hand sanitiser. They also produce hand made items for the local community, made by the local community. In total, they have produced and distributed over 35,000 items which have been given back to our community. This includes over 2500 scrubs for the NHS, dementia items for care homes throughout the borough, teddies given to every child admitted to RHH, New Cross, Sandwell and City hospitals. They are now making Christmas presents for the vulnerable and those living with poverty. We are asking members of our school community to help this wonderful cause.  For further details please contact look at the flyer within the Covid 19 tab on the home page of the website.  Thank you for your continued support for those in need.

Latest guidance on what to do if you or your child has symptoms of Coronavirus

Click on the following link to the NHS website for information on what to do if you or your child/ren show the main symptoms of Coronavirus.

Praise Assembly

Congratulations to the children who have been chosen by their teachers for either Good Work or the Catholic Virtues this week. Well done also to the children of St. John's house who gained the most points this week.

Year Group Good Work Catholic Virtues
Reception Elienne Flo
Year 1 Amelia Mathilda
Year 2 Flynne Sofia
Year 3 Amelia Orla
Year 4 Amelia Megan
Year 5 Holly Lola
Year 6 Yousaf Leo C

Your Sport Football Club for Years 1 & 2 and Years 3 & 4

We are pleased to announce that the start of the 'Your Sports' football after school clubs will commence from Monday 2nd November.  Your child will have received a flyer with further details today, if you would like your child to particpate in this activity then please complete and return the consent form by Friday 23rd October.  The Years 1 and 2 sessions take place on Mondays from 3.15pm until 4.15pm, and the Years 3 and 4 sessions are on Fridays from 3.15pm until 4.45pm.

Primary and Secondary School Admissions 2021/22

A reminder for parents of Year 6 children, Secondary School admissions for 2021/22 are open from 1st September - 31st October 2020.

Primary School Admissions for September 2021 Intake are open from 1st 0ctober 2020 - 15th January 2021.

Please contact the school office for a supplementary form to support your child's 2021 Primary application.

Black Country Health Care 24-7 Support Line for adults and young people

Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have just launched a 24-7 support line for adults, older adults, children and young people who require urgent mental health support during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please don't suffer in silence.  If you are experiencing increased distress or anxiety during these uncertain times, then pick up the phone and speak to one of the specialist mental health professionals who will be able to support you.  Further details and contact information can be found on the flyer within the Covid 19 tab on the school website.  

Prayer of the Week - Birmingham Diocesan Education Service Prayer

Lord, you search us and you know us better than we know ourselves. Help us to see your watchful care over our lives and prompt us to respond with grateful hearts to the many gifts you bestow upon us. Give us the courage to face moments of trial and challenge and reassure us of your presence. Bless our school family and all those we love. Inspire us to reach out to our brothers and sisters who are in need at this time so that we may be vessels of your loving kindness to them. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Virtues Focus - Curious and Active

Children at St. Joseph's are growing to be curious about everything; and active in their engagement with the world, changing what they can for the better.

Pope's Intention for October

The Laity's Mission in the Church
We pray that by the virtue of baptism, the laity, especially women, may participate more in areas of responsibility in the Church.

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