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Friday 1st March 2019

Small Acts of Kindness - make sure everyone is AOK!

Happy St. David's Day! In this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus uses parables to teach us important lessons.  He reminds us that our true self is shown by our actions.  Just as good fruit is a sign of a good tree, so our words and actions show what is truly inside our heart.  The Gospel also reminds us not to criticise others' actions but rather to look at our own actions and to try and grow in goodness. Pope Francis says: 'We must live the faith, not only with our words, but with our actions.'  In our Gospel assembly on Tuesday, the children have been reminded about the ways in which they can be kind and generous to each other through small acts of kindness each and every day.  St. Therese's 'Little Ways' where great love is poured into small actions can have such a positive impact on those around us.  As we prepare to begin our Lenten Journey, let us all ponder our calling during Lent: to pray, fast and gives alms.

World Book Day - Thursday 14th March 2019

We will be holding a World Book Day on Thursday 14th March 2019. The theme this year is " Share a Story ". We would like the children to wear their pyjamas, slippers and dressing gown to school that day (plus trainers to wear outside) and to bring along their favourite bedtime story to share with their friends and teachers. A letter has been sent home this week with more details.

Goodbye to Mrs Bach

One of our teaching assistants, Mrs Bach, will be leaving our school this coming Monday.  Unfortunately, she is unwell at the moment and will not be in school.  We thank Mrs Bach for her support to the children of St. Joseph's and wish her every success and good health for the future. 

Vacancy for a Lunchtime Supervisor

We have a vacancy for a Lunchtime Supervisor, Monday to Friday 12.00pm-1.25pm each day. If you are interested or know someone who might be contact the school office for more details.

Would you be able to help with the Church cleaning?

Have you a free hour or so during the week?

Would you are interested in organising a group of parents' to join the Church cleaning rota, to hoover and dust the inside of the church at a time that suits you. It would only be once every 9 weeks. Contact Sarah Price at the Parish office on 01384 395308 or email for more details.

Dudley Primary Gymnastics Competition

Well done to the 27 children who took part in the Dudley Primary Gymnastics Competition on Friday 15th February.  All the children were excellent ambassadors of the school in their efforts and behaviour.  Congratulations in particular to the Years 1 and 2 A team who won their age group and will now compete in the Country Finals in June.

Dudley Inter School Maths Competition

Well done to the team of six pupils from Years 5 and 6 who took part in the first round of the inter school maths competition held at Belle Vue Primary School on Wednesday.  A huge congratulations to all the team members, as they were ranked in first place overall and will now go through to the finals later this year. 

Walk Once a Week Programme Update

Congratulations to the children who walked, scooted or cycled at least once per week during the month of February.  A total of 137 children across the school managed to achieve this which is an increase of 38 from starting the programme in January.  Can we reach 150 by the end of March?  Physcial activity is a medically proven method to impact on children's well-being and mental health and also prepares them for learning.

Parents' Evening Timetable

This term's Parents' Evening sessions will take place on Tuesday 12th March (3.30pm-5.30pm) and Wednesday 13th March (5pm-7pm).  Timetables to book a session with your child's class teacher will be available in the foyer ares of the main reception from this coming Monday.  If you are unable to come into school then please contact the school office to book a time slot.  We also encourage every parent to complete the online questionnaire after you have spoken with your child's class teacher.  There wil be computers set up in the Key Stage 2 corridor for your to complete this short survey.  We value your feedback to make our school even better. 

PTA Non Uniform Day - St. Patrick's Day

There will be a non uniform day on Friday 15th March to help raise funds for the PTA. The children can wear their own clothes to school which may be green or the colours of the Irish flag and also bring to school a £1 donation.  All the money raised will go back into supporting all children across the school. 

Praise Assembly

Year Group Catholic Virtues Good Work
Reception Class Jack Daniel and Oscar
Year 1 Holly Emilia
Year 2 Oscar Esme
Year 3 Lara CJ
Year 4 Laurence Oliver
Year 5 James Emily
Year 6 Dominic, Kimran, Paddy and Phillippa Ben

Out of School Hours Activities

Day Activity Year Group Time
Monday Multi-skills Years 1 to 3 8am
Tuesday Cross Country Years 4 to 6 12.30pm
Tuesday Gymnastics Years 3 to 6 8am
Tuesday Irish Dancing Years 1 to 6 3.15pm-4.15pm
Tuesday Tag Rugby Team Selection (mixed) Years 5 and 6 12.50pm-1.20pm
Wednesday Multi-skills Years 4 to 6 8am
Wednesday Football (mixed) Years 3 and 4 12.45pm
Thursday Gymnastics Years 1 and 2 8am
Thursday School Football Team (mixed) Years 4 to 6 12.45pm
Thursday High 5 Netball (mixed) Years 4 to 6 3.15pm-4.15pm
Friday I'm an Archer Years 3 to 6 8am
Friday Football (mixed) Years 5 and 6 12.45pm
Friday Football (mixed) Years 1 to 6 3.15pm-4.45pm

New Archery Challenge Breakfast Club for Years 2 upwards - I'm An Archer...

Earlier today our Multi-skills teacher, Mr Bennett, started a new club called 'I'm An Archer - Get Me Out of Here' based upon the challenge concepts used in 'I'm A Celebrity'.  The children are grouped into three campas and are tasked with collecting as many stars as possible each week until and queen and king of archery is awarded at the end of the half term.  The children take part in fun archery challenges and games developing coordination skills whilst winning stars for their camp.  In 'Lush' tucker trials, the chidren are introduced to a range of tasty and healthy based smoothies, tasked with guessing the ingredients to win stars for thier camp.  A 'Campmate of the Week' is also awarded at each session to the child who has worked well as a team member or has tried hard to improve their skills.  This club is open to any child from Year 2 upwards and currnetly there are 10 spaces available.  For more details please contact the school office.

Virtues Focus - Learned and Wise

Pupils at St. Joseph's are growing to be Learned by finding God in all things; and wise in the ways they use their learning for the common good.

Prayer of the Week

Dear Lord Jesus, please help us to be good friends to our family, our neighbours and all who we meet through our words and actions.  Amen.

Pope's Intention for March

That Christian communities, especially those who are persecuted, may feel that they are close to Christ and have their rights respected.

For school dates please refer to 'Calendar' on the school website

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