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Click on the link below to watch Friday's message from Mrs Cangiano. I'd love to see your work. Email me at Have a great day and a good rest this weekend. I'm so proud of you for working incredibly hard this week!

This week's Maths

Each day, choose a fluency game or song from the PDF below. Then follow the video lesson. Each day (apart from Friday) there are questions on a worksheet. You don't need to print the sheet -you can write your answers directly onto paper or into your exercise book.

Tuesday's video links to questions 1-4 on the worksheet.

Wednesday's video links to questions 5 and 6 on the worksheet.

This week's handwriting -

We will be finishing the Fisher family, combining letters from different families together and learning the 'Special Squirter' letter 'e'.

This week's Phonics -

Use the link below to find the video lessons

The Youtube channel is updated each day with a new sound. 


Mrs Chadry's Group (Red/Ditty before Christmas)

Click on Set 1, reading and spelling videos

Miss Groves' Group (Green before Christmas)

Click on Set 2 'Speed sounds' and 'Spelling' videos + 'Read and Hold a sentence 1'

Mrs Cangiano's/Mrs Scotney's and Mrs Hounsell's Groups (Purple/Orange before Christmas)

Click on Set 3 'Speed Sounds' and 'Spelling' videos + 'Read and Hold a sentence 2'


*If you don't know which group you are in or which videos to watch, please email Mrs Cangiano.

English activities for the week

Here are a couple of activities based around the story, 'Emma Jane's Aeroplane'. If you missed the story last week, you can listen to it again by clicking on the link below.

- Make a story map. Watch the video showing you how to make one.

- Retell the story using your story map. Use the word bank (in Diary Entry PDF) to help.

- Imagine you are Emma Jane.  Write a diary entry, describing your adventure.

Later on in the week, you'll find a video below  to help you write a diary entry.

'Emma Jane's Aeroplane story

See the video below for an idea of how to get started with writing Emma Jane's diary.

Tuesday's R.E. Lesson

Today, we are starting a new unit called, 'Jesus - teacher and healer'. We are going to listen to a very well know parable (a special story) called 'The Good Samaritan'. Read or watch the story together and answer the questions on the slides.

Then you can either, print off and sequence the story pictures or draw your own picture and write a sentence or two to describe how the Samaritan helped the injured man.

Thursday's P.E. lesson 

Get active with Joe Wicks then practise your ball skills by playing 'Space Monsters'.

Wednesday's Geography Lesson

Today, we will be looking at the UK and learning the terms, 'Physical' and 'Human features'. Read through the slides and click on the links to take you to a couple BBC clips. There's a little quiz at the end to test what you've learnt! Don't worry if you can't print out any maps - there are alternative tasks on the PDF.

Extension activities: If you're still looking for more to do, see below for colouring sheets, craft ideas and art tutorials.

There'll be another Geography lesson on Friday (double Geography for the next couple of weeks, then we'll move onto History).

How to make binoculars

Friday's Geography Lesson

Today, we will recap on Wednesday's learning on the U.K.the 'zoom out' and look at the world as a whole. There are clips to watch, a quiz and a labelling activity. The main focus is on the 7 continents. The last page on the PDF has extra activities - these are just optional - you don't have to do them unless you want to.


Monday's Art Lesson

Coffee Stain Monsters. Today, we are doing the first lesson in our new project, 'Art from Everyday Objects and Materials'. All children in KS1 and KS2 will do the same art activity this week so you can work with your family on this one. Have fun! Click on the PDF below to find out what to do.

Tuesday's PSHE lesson

Today, we will be thinking about our feelings. Click on the PDF below to find discussion questions and a short task.

Thursday's Music Lesson

For the next few weeks, both KS1 and KS2 children will follow the same programme. This week, we are all looking at the composer, Vivaldi. Take a look at the PDF below and follow the links to listen to Vivaldi's music. If you have brothers and sisters at home, you can do some of the activties together. You know how I love a quiz? Well, there's a short quiz at the end too!

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