Friday 14th May 2021

Ambassadors of Peace - Walk with Me Reflection

Professional diplomats are trained to represent their countries.  They are skilled in languages and etiquette, and learn to be sensitive to the subtle yet important nuances of the country they are posted to.  St Paul taught that we are Christ's ambassadors, and a key part of our mission is the ministry of peace and reconciliation. We too can speak many languages - the language of love, the vocabulary of peace, the etiquette of human dignity and the skill of striving for peace, unity and reconciliation. We learn to be all things to all people and strive to win others for Christ by our gentle witness and generous service.

Gospel Focus

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus is praying with his disciples after the last supper. Very soon, Jesus will be arrested. So before leaving them he is preparing his disciples for the difficult time to come. Jesus has cared for his followers and now he is asking God to care for them. Jesus wants us to be united with one another and with God. We show that we are united and part of God’s family when we care for each other – living and working in unity. Pope Francis reminds us, “It is Jesus himself who continues to care for his Church. Small gestures of tenderness and care, make people feel that the Lord is with us.”

School Attendance and Holiday Requests

Since the children's return to school after the last lockdown (from 8th March), the expectation is that all children should be in school full time from this period onwards. Within the latest DfE publication on School Operations it states that:

The usual rules on school attendance apply, including:parents’ duty to secure their child’s regular attendance at school (where the child is a registered pupil at school and they are of compulsory school age) the ability to issue sanctions, including fixed penalty notices in line with local authorities’ codes of conduct.

Although we understand the restrictions and delays in booking holidays this year, it is imperative that the children remain in school during term time. The impact of the lockdown earlier in the year, including the loss of face-to-face teaching and social interaction with their peers and teachers, has meant that many children have gaps in their learning which will need addressing in readiness for next year. Please continue to work with us to ensure that your child receives the education that they are entitled to.  Any holiday requests will be marked as unauthorised.  Leave of absence will only be granted for excpetional circumstances.  The school will continue to work in collaboration with the Borough's Education Investigation Service (EIS) to ensure that children attend school during term time. Unfortunately, where periods of unauthorised absence hit a trigger, a referral will be made to the EIS and there could be a possibility that a Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued to parents. Thank you to the parents who are continuing to work with us to ensure that their child/ren are in school during term time. 

We also understand the inconvenience the staggered approach to the timings of the school. However, we have reduced other sessions slightly i.e. break and lunch times, so that we have not had to extend the overall operational timings of the school. Updates will be shared with parents when further guidance is published.  In the meantime, thank you for your continued support.

Walk to School Week Challenge w/c Monday 17th May

This coming Monday, each class will participate in the week-long celebration of walking, to discover the benefits for individuals, communities and the planet.  Throught the week, the children will be introduced to the 'Walking Superpowers' showing them how walking makes us Super Smart, Super Strong, Super Smiley, Super Safe and Super Sustainable. Each class will work collectively to make as many walked journeys as possible.  At the end of the week, each child will be rewarded for taking part.  For further support and information about the Family Walk to School Kit, please visit

The children who are unable to walk,scoot or cycle to school will be encouraged to 'Walk with Ted' at lunchtimes around the playing field so that they have the opportunity to participate in the walking challenge too.

In-Service Training Day (INSET) for School Staff

Our next scheduled INSET day will take place on Friday 28th May.  Children will not be in school on this day.  Summer term 2 will start for all children on Monday 7th June. The final INSET of this academic year will take place on Wednesday 21st July.  The INSET days for 2021-22 are also available on the school website.

Thursday 20th May - Summer Census Day

There will be a change to the menu on Thursday 20th May :

Beef/Vegetarian Burgers or Fish & either Chocolate chip cookies or Cupcakes for pudding.

Children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 are entitled to Universal Free School Meals.

KS2 dinners are £2.40 per day this includes a drink.


Wednesday Word Link

The weekly Wednesday Word is available via the following link:  The Wednesday Word Primary School Resource | Catholic Church

Good Work and Special Mention

Congratulations to the following children for being chosen for Good Work or displaying the virtues of compassion and loving this week.  The children with have some time with Mr Carry and Ted next week as a thank you for their hard work this week.

Class Good Work Virtues
Reception Zara and Francesca Katie W
Year 1 Alexandra Amelia
Year 2 Callum Iris
Year 3 Archie Bella
Year 4 Sophia Ronnie
Year 5 Hermione Emilja
Year 6 Sachiel Harry O

PTA Sale

The PTA will be selling tomato, cherry tomato and courgette plants, that have been kindly donated to us, on Friday 21 May at the beginning of the school day.

The stall will be located at the end of the school driveway. 

Bring your 50p and £1 coins to grab a garden bargain and help support the school PTA. Thank you. 

Job Vacancy - School Cleaner

We are looking for someone to join our hardworking Cleaning Team.

The working hours are 2.45pm to 5.45pm Monday to Friday.

If you or anyone you know are interested please contact the school office on 01384 431980 or email for more details and an application form.

Closing date for applications is Friday 14th May 2021.

Dudley MBC symptom-free testing information for parents

Parents and carers can also visit for more information on both symptom and symptom-free testing and the other symptoms residents are now being encouraged to take a precautionary test if they display.

Accessing symptom-free tests

Parents and carers and anyone else living with a school age child or young person are among the priority groups being given access to free home lateral flow testing kits to test themselves.

Information on how to access these can be found at

All are strongly encouraged to have a lateral flow test at a local testing site prior to starting home testing, to know how a test is undertaken. 

Twice weekly testing will help detect hidden asymptomatic cases and help keep pupils and staff safer in school.

Anyone unable to do home testing can go to one of the Dudley lateral flow testing centres. These are at Dudley Leisure Centre, Saltwells Education Centre, with pop-up sessions at Holy Trinity Church Community Centre in Wordsley, Lifecentral Church in Halesowen, St Andrews Church in Sedgley, St James Church in Wollaston and the Salvation Army Church in Lye.There is also testing at more than 30 pharmacies across the borough. For details on where you can get a lateral flow test and to book visit

DfE Guidance on supporting your children's remote education during the coronavirus (updated 15.02.21)

Information and support for parents and carers of children who are learning at home. Supporting your children's remote education during coronavirus (COVID-19) - GOV.UK (

Latest advice for parents on coronavirus from the DfE

Click on the following link to the NHS website for information on what to do if you or your child/ren show the main symptoms of Coronavirus.

Covid Family Support Information (Updated)

We have all experienced challenges and difficulties during this pandemic, but sometimes we may need support from someone else or know of someone who may need additional help.  Dudley MBC have created a 'Support for Families' leaflet which signposts local services to parents. We have also included an updated list of support for parents via a range of local and national agencies.  These documents can be found within the Covid 19 tab on the school website landing page.

Black Country Health Care 24-7 Support Line for adults and young people

Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust have just launched a 24-7 support line for adults, older adults, children and young people who require urgent mental health support during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please don't suffer in silence.  If you are experiencing increased distress or anxiety during these uncertain times, then pick up the phone and speak to one of the specialist mental health professionals who will be able to support you.  Further details and contact information can be found on the flyer within the Covid 19 tab on the school website.  

Prayer of the Week

Lord, may the hope of the Gospel fill my heart and put a smile on my face and a joy in my heart that I may be a radiant witness of your love and light.  Amen.

Virtues Focus - Compassionate and Loving

Children at St. Joseph's are growing to be: compassionate towards others, near
and far, especially the less fortunate; and loving by their just actions and forgiving words.

Pope's Intention for May

The World of Finance
Let us pray that those in charge of finance will work with governments to regulate the financial sphere and protect citizens from its dangers.


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