Friday 24th April 2020

Welcome Back

I do hope that all our children and families enjoyed the Easter break under the current circumstances.  It certainly felt very strange not being present at Church to celebrate the Easter weekend together as a local community.  However, the priority for us all is to keep our children, families and staff safe.  School was open over the Easter break for children whose parents work on the frontline to support those in need at this difficult time.  My thanks go out to the members of staff for continuing to support our famillies and children at St. Joseph's. The best place for our children is for them to remain at home until further information and scientific advice is provided by the government. The home learning opportunities planned by staff will enable our children to continue to develop and grow in terms of learning with your vital support.  The aim is for the children to complete around three hours of learning per day but as the primary educators you will need to make a judgement on whether this is proving to be too little/too much for your child. However, if you do need any further guidance or help please contact the school via email ( or by calling the school office.  Keep safe, look after yourselves and stay at home.

Encountering Christ

In this Sunday's Gospel, we hear about the encounter with Jesus and the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.  Initially, they were prevented from recognising Jesus and it was only at the breaking of bread at supper that their eyes were opened and they recognised him.  Our lives are enriched when we know Jesus.  He is with us at all times and in all places.  We can encounter Jesus in prayer and in one another.  The more we know about Jesus through reading the gospels, the easier it is for us to recognise him.  Knowing and following Jesus helps happiness and love to grow in our families. What can we do each day to be more like Jesus?  We could pray each day, read the gospels together and remember to regularly ask ourselves, "What would Jesus do?" and then try to do the same ourselves.

Covid 19 Hints and Tips for Young People in Dudley

DSPP has put together the a Coronavirus information leaflet, with help from Dudley Young People’s Health Champions in HealthWatch and Dudley CVS, to help the young people of Dudley keep safe. A copy of this is within the Covid 19 tab on the home page of the school website.

Coronavirus - A book for children

A book specifically for children about Coronavirus has been written by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson and Nia Roberts which has been illustrated by Axel scheffler, the illlustrator of books such as the Gruffalo.  Please share this online book with your child to support them through this time.  It may help them with any questions, worries or anxiety they may have.  

Action for Happiness Coping Calendar

Action for Happiness helps people take action for a happier and kinder world.  They have just published a 'Cpoing Calendar' which contains 30 actions to look after ourselves and each other as we face this global crisis together. This is available within the Covid 19 tab.  Action for Happiness also create monthly calendars which are available to download or print

Online Safety Home Activities

Thinkuknow have set up a page, which they are refreshing each fortnight, with home activities that parents and carers can use to support their children with online safety activities.

Resources to Support Children's Liturgy and Prayer from the Birmingham Diocesan Education Service

At the Birmingham Diocesan Education webiste there is a webpage containing links to Prayer and Learning Resources for both home and school. This includes the CAFOD Virtual Sunday Children’s Liturgy and a child’s prayer for Spiritual Communion. More resources will be added as they become available.

Livestream of Masses across the Archdiocese

The Birmingham Archdiocese have gathered together some of the parishes across the Diocese which live stream their Masses, so you can still access a Mass even if not in person.

Prayer of the Week - Wednesday Word

Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you for always being there for us. Help us to recognise you as we journey through life together. Amen.

Virtues Focus - Eloquent and Truthful

Pupils at St. Joseph's are growing to be: eloquent and truthful in what they say of themselves, the relations between people, and the world.

Pope's Intention for April

Freedom from Addiction: We pray that those suffering from addiction may be helped and accompanied.

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