Friday 11th January 2019

Welcome Back and a Happy New Year

A happy, blessed and joyful New Year to all our children and families.  Being happy, blessed and joyful are blessings God pours upon us; they are the fruit of our baptism.  Every New Year invites us to reflect, take stock, to examine our lives and look to the future with renewed hope and confidence in God's love.  It is also a time for new resolve, fresh amends and life-changing decisions.  As believers, every New Year is a call to grow, mature and deepen our faith and our relationship with God.  One way that we can do this is to be inspired by the witness of others. The most inspiring of these people are not celebrities but ordinary people who often through a tragic, searing or horrible event has changed their lives forever.  Often this was through loss in almost unimaginable circumstances.  Not many of us would know what we would do if we found ourselves in this sort of situation.  However, in every life there are traumatic and shattering moments.  We must learn to live with seismic change at some point or another, perhaps through bereavement. If we live, we are born; if we live, we will lose; and we will have to make choices about how to go on living with that loss of heart. Following the positivity and strength of these people may give you the courage to take up a new cause or work for something you believe in.  Lord, grant me the steadfast faith which believes that with you all things are possible.  Nothing can be done or acheived without hope and confidence in you.  Amen.

Change4Life - Sugar Smart World

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels - 22% of children are overweight or obsese when they start primary school, and this increases by 34% by the time they finish primary.  Sugar is a big part of the problem.  Children aged 4-10 years old are eating and drinking more than twice the amount of sugar they should.  This equates to an additional 2,800 sugar cubes per year. Change4Life have created a new Sugar Smart World take-home pack which can support the whole family about healthier swaps - these have been given to every child today. Our Walk Once a Week programme was also launched on Monday.  Chidren who walk to school (or cycle, scoot, park and stride etc.) at least once per week will be given a special WOW badge at the end of each month. These small steps can make a real difference in changing the habits of children and young people to create healthier lifestyles which continue into adulthood.   

Thank you from the Black Country Food Bank

It has been a very challenging year for Black Country Foodbank. For the first time since 2006 our stock levels ran critically low and we wondered how we would carry on. Just as this happened the local Church arrived with a cheque and we were able to buy the items we needed. This story sums up everything about Foodbank. The generosity of local people is astounding and we are so very grateful that we have been able to fulfill every request for a food parcel this year. We ask, now more than ever for your support again next year as the challenges we face are significant but the challenges society are facing are much greater.  Foodbank shortages for January are as follows: fruit juice, jam/marmalade, packets of mash, tinned fruit, jars of cooking sauce, small jars of coffee, hot chocolate and tinned meat (ham and corned beef).  Thank you for your continued support. 

Reception Admissions September 2019

Dudley Local Authority have asked schools to remind parents of children born between 01.09.14 and 31.08.15 to complete an application.  Parents can apply online at /admissions or they can phone the office on 0300 555 2345 for a paper form. The closing date for applications is 15th January 2019. An additional Supplementary form is required and a copy of your child's Baptismal certificate, please contact school office for more information.

Praise Assembly

Year Group Catholic Virtues Good Work
Reception Class Sofia Iris and Florence
Year 1 Ethan Rose
Year 2 Eddy James
Year 3 Alexia Luke
Year 4 Tom Michaela
Year 5 Harry Ahloma
Year 6 Jacob Nathan

Pyramid Concert Programme - Can your business support this event?

A message from Mr Mallinson, Head of Music at Hagley Catholic High School.

Every year, the “Hagley Pyramid of School’s” project involves 300 children from ten local schools (1 High school and 9 Primary schools) joining together to participate in a spectacular music concert. Starting in September, I organise fortnightly rehearsals in curriculum time. I work with every youngster on vocal techniques and new songs so that, collaboratively, they form the basis of a celebration concert in Birmingham Town Hall every February. The project is totally inclusive and encourages pupils of any ability (with an age range from 7 to 19 years old) to work together, whether singing in the choir or performing in the live band. This inspirational community event brings together all generations from across the region to celebrate the children’s music making, which, in turn, makes a lifelong impact on their self-esteem and confidence.

The project forges strong relationships between all the schools taking part and gives every child a sense of pride and achievement. All live music is produced by the High school students (without assistance on stage from professional musicians or staff) whose involvement gives motivation and provides excellent “role models” for the younger pupils, many of whom go on to form the bands in future concerts.

Giving the children something to aim for encourages them to carry on studying music, to learn an instrument, enjoy singing, listen to each other and participate in a large-scale arts event outside of the school environment whilst also developing skills that can be used in other areas of their lives.

We sell tickets (the concert usually sells out), have fund raising events and have a few kind sponsors but the cost of the venue and the actual production keeps escalating each year. One of our sponsors has kindly offered to produce a commemorative colour programme for our “Disco Fever” show in February. These will be complementary for every ticket holder and I wondered if you might like to purchase an advertising slot in this programme.

Please feel free to have a look at the video of the show from last year’s “School of Rock” show, by clicking the link.

The cost to you would be £50 for a quarter page or £100 for a half page. This would be a fantastic way to promote your business, support a local school and be a part of this exciting venture.

If you are interested in purchasing an advertising slot then please contact Mr Mallinson at Hagley Catholic High School on 01562 883193 or via email at         

What's On - Spring term 2019

Sunday 13th January Year 6 Confirmation Preparation Mass at OLAS 10.30am
Friday 18th January Years 3 and 4 swimming sessions resume am
Tuesday 22nd January Year 6 Confessions 11am
Tuesday 22nd January Year 6 Service of Light 7pm
Wednesday 23rd January Year 4 Class Assembly 9.10am
Wednesday 23rd January Anniversary of the capture of St. Nicholas Owen
Thursday 24th January Young Voices Concert (KS2 School Choir)
Friday 25th January Bishop McGough to meet with Year 6 Confirmandi at OLAS Parish Centre pm
Sunday 27th January Year 6 Sacrament of Confirmation 1pm
Wednesday 30th January Reception Class Mass 9.10am
Tuesday 5th February Safer Internet Day - Together for a better internet
Wednesday 6th February Year 3 Class Mass 9.10am
Wednesday 6th February Dudley Inter School Maths Competition for Years 3 and 4
Thursday 7th February Tempest whole class photographs am
Thursday 7th February Year 3 First Holy Communion Session for Parents at OLAS 7pm
Saturday 9th February Year 3 First Holy Communion Preparation Session at OLAS 10.30am
Sunday 10th February Year 3 First Holy Communion Enrolment Mass at OLAS 10.30am
Monday 11th February Full Academy Committee Meeting 7pm
Wednesday 13th February Year 4 Class Mass 9.10am
Thursday 14th February Year 5 Pyramid Concert with Hagley Catholic High School pm
Friday 15th February Dudley Primary Gymnastics Competition at Leasowes am
Friday 15th February Finish school for half term break 3.15pm
Monday 25th February School INSET Day - children not in school on this day
Tuesday 26th February Spring term 2 starts for children 8.45am
Wednesday 27th February Dudley Inter School Maths Competition for Years 5 and 6
Thursday 28th February Year 3 First Holy Communion Parents' Session at OLAS 7pm
Saturday 2nd March Year 3 First Holy Communion Children's Session at OLAS 10.30am
Sunday 3rd March Year 3 First Holy Communion Preparation Mass at OLAS 10.30am
Tuesday 5th March SLP Unity Service at St. James' Church am
Wednesday 6th March Ash Wednesday Service 9.10am
Thursday 7th March Year 3 First Confession at OLAS 6.30pm
Monday 11th March Gospel Assembly - Fr. Hudson's Appeal
Monday 11th March Year 5 Confessions 11am
Tuesday 12th March Parents' Evening 3.30pm-5.30pm
Wednesday 13th March Year 2 Class Mass 9.10am
Wednesday 13th March Dudley Area Finals - Tag Rugby am
Wednesday 13th March Parents' Evening 5pm-7pm
Monday 18th March Year 4 Confessions 11am
Tuesday 19th March St. Joseph's Feast Day Mass 2pm
Monday 25th March Year 6 Confessions 11am
Wednesday 27th March Year 1 Class Mass 9.10am
Thursday 28th March Year 3 First Holy Communion Parents' Session at OLAS 7pm
Saturday 30th March Year 3 First Holy Communion Children's Session at OLAS 10.30am
Sunday 31st March Year 3 First Holy Communion Preparation Mass at OLAS 10.30am
Monday 1st April Full Academy Committee Meeting 7pm
Tuesday 2nd April Years 3 and 4 Production 6.30pm
Wednesday 3rd April St. Mark's Feast Day - children of this House can wear blue
Wednesday 3rd April Years 3 and 4 Production 6.30pm
Friday 12th April End of term Mass 9.10am
w/c Monday 15th April Holy Week
Friday 19th April Good Friday
Sunday 21st April Easter Sunday
Monday 29th April Start of the Summer term for children

Out of School Hours Activities

Day Activity Year Group Time
Monday Multi-skills Years 1 to 3 8am
Monday Cross Country Years 4 to 6 12.30pm (starting 14th January)
Monday Dance (to be confirmed) Years 3 to 6 3.15pm-4.15pm
Tuesday Gymnastics Years 3 to 6 8am
Tuesday Irish Dancing Years 1 to 6 3.15pm-4.15pm
Tuesday Play Leader Training Years 5 and 6 12.50pm-1.20pm
Wednesday Multi-skills Years 4 to 6 8am
Wednesday Cross Country Years 4 to 6 12.30pm (starting 16th January)
Wednesday Football (mixed) Years 3 and 4 12.45pm
Thursday Gymnastics Years 1 and 2 8am
Thursday School Football Team (mixed) Years 4 to 6 12.45pm
Thursday High 5 Netball (mixed) Years 4 to 6 3.15pm-4.15pm
Friday Football (mixed) Years 5 and 6 12.45pm
Friday Football (mixed) Years 1 to 6 3.15pm-4.45pm

PE and School Sport Update

Cross country training for Years 4 to 6 will start this coming Monday (14th January) and will also take place on a Wednesday each week in preparation for the Stourbridge Cross Country Series and also the Primary Dudley Competition (09.03.19).  The first round of the Stourbridge Competition will take place here at St. Joseph's on Tuesday 5th February starting at 4pm.  If you are able to marshall at the St. Joseph's round please let the office know so that we can ensure we have enough volunteers to help with the organisation of this competition.   Next Tuesday lunchtime, there will also be a trials for the Primary Sportshall Athletics Competition at OSH school on Thursday 24th January.  This competiton is open to girls and boys in Years 5 and 6.  Please ensure that your child brings a separate sports kit to school along with a jumper and tracksuit bottoms.  If you have any further questions please contact the school office.

Virtues Focus - Eloquent and Truthful

Pupils at St. Joseph's are growing to be Eloquent and truthful in what they say of themselves, the relations between people, and the world. 

Prayer of the Week - Prayer for Pope Francis

Almighty God,
look kindly on your servant Pope Francis;
You invited him to shepherd Your flock.
Guide and protect him in his daily work;
inspire him in Your ways to embrace Church unity.Loving God,
assist Pope Francis in his constant effort,
to enlighten and strengthen Your Church and its people.
Open the eyes of non-believers so that together,
peace and harmony will prevail throughout our world.

Merciful God,
may the splendour of your Son’s resurrection,
continue to illuminate all our lives.
May our thoughts, words and actions,
bear daily witness to the new life You gave us.

Eternal God,
hear our prayer and the prayers of Pope Francis.
May they be a worthy addition to the chorus of song
among the angels and saints as we seek your help and grace.
We make this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, the true and everlasting Light.

Pope's Intention for January

Evangelization - Young People:
That young people, especially in Latin America, follow the example of Mary and respond to the call of the Lord to communicate the joy of the Gospel to the world.

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